Miracle Night Event in Banjarmasin

November 25, 2017
November 25, 2017 Developer

God visited Banjarmasin through Miracle Night Event which was held on November, 25, 2017 at Aston Hotel, Banjarmasin. The weather was very bright on that day and people came from various offices and companies in Banjarmasin.

The event started at 7 p.m central Indonesian time (WITA). A joyful atmosphere filled the people’s heart as they started to praise God wholeheartedly by lifting up a song, “Hormat bagi Allah Bapa.” Then, the event was opened with prayer by Ms. Jesika.

The songs of praise “Dalam AnugerahMu” and “Kemenangan Terjadi di Sini” were lifted up. The presence of God was more tangible as the song “Agnus Dei” was being lifted up devotedly. The next songs were “Kerahkanlah KekuatanMu Ya Allah” continued with “Oleh Darah Anak Domba.” Before the preaching of the word of God, worship leader led the people in worship by singing a song “Bagi Tuhan Tak Ada yang Mustahil.”

Miracle Night Banjarmasin

Mr.Hendrik Wijaya preached the word of God from Psalm 90: 10 “Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away.” (NIV). He went on saying that we have to use the life that we have wisely. “We must not get stuck in our work and live an ordinary life. In Psalm 90, it is said that the life span of humankind is seventy years. How short our life is. Therefore, don’t just focus on what we are going to eat and wear, but we have to think about our eternity,” he added.

After the sermon, a film was shown and Mr.Hendrik continued preaching from Luke 5:4-8 about Simon’s Life. It is said that God cares for our life and He never leaves us. He then invited the people to receive Jesus Christ as their saviour and the people lifted up their hands and surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ.

Rev.Deni Kaluara continued preaching the word of God from Matthew 11:25-29. He encouraged the people to have faith and put their trust in Jesus Christ. The people, then were asked to stand up and the sick were invited to come forward. The song of praise “Bukan dengan Kekuatanku” was sung and then followed by healing prayer. There were 7 people who came forward to be prayed. Praise God, there were three people who testified that they were healed at that moment. Glory be to God, most high.

Rev. Deni went on saying that we have to give our best to God and surrender our life to God and pray for the city in which we live. He invited people to lift up their hands and surrender their lives to be used by God.

Finally, before the closing of the event, speech and announcement were delivered by Mr. Ferry as a committee of Miracle Night Event Banjarmasin and closed the event with a song “Sebab Kau Besar.” God indeed had blessed and visited every Christian employee in Banjarmasin.

The number of people who attended the event were 77 people. The number of sick people were 12 and there were 33 people who wanted to be servants of God.

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