Prayer For The Nation At The Ministry Of Social Services, Republic Of Indonesia

September 20, 2018
September 20, 2018 Explorer

Thanks be to Jesus Christ who has bestowed His great love upon His people. A service called Pray for Cities was held again on Thursday, September 20 2018 at Gedung Aneka Bhakti Kementrian Sosial, Salemba, Central Jakarta.

Worship leader, Mr.Biccar Panjaitan and Rev. Evi Kapoh opened the service by inviting those who came, to sing a national anthem “Rayuan Pulau Kelapa”, revived a thankful heart for Indonesia which was blessed by God.

Opening prayer conducted by Rev. Aris Budianto (GSJA Bekasi), continued with votum (a solemn prayer) and greeting by Major Ronal (Salvation Army, East Jakarta). In reply, they read the Word of God.

The people praised God by clapping hands. They were joyful because God is good. Then, the people were brought to worship God by singing a song “Zamrud Khatulistiwa”, contemplating the greatness of Indonesia which is loved by God in which the gospel was preached continually. As this song was sung, the servants of God from various denominations from Jabodetabek (Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tanggerang-Bekasi) came on stage to lift up their prayers for Indonesia.

Pray for cities was conducted by:

  1. Rev. Like Sifera Muntu (GPdI Tebet)
  2. Ms.Masnah Saragih (Binroh Walikota Jakarta Pusat)
  3. Ms.Ellis Hiugony (PDO ITC Mangga Dua)
  4. Rev. Maruli Sinambela (PFC)
  5. Ms. Erlina Uli Marpaung, MM (Pemprov DKI Jakarta)

They prayed together for the leaders all across Indonesia and for the legislative, executive, and judicative so that God would bless them and that they may work responsibly with the wisdom of God. They also lifted up their requests for the welfare of Indonesia. They also prayed for the region which was hit by disaster that God may get involved and restore them and for the economy to be stable. Besides that, they also prayed for the youth in this country so that God would protect them with firm faith and for the generation of this country to be restored.

The congregation, servants of God, and counselors lifted up their hands and blessed this nation especially for the security of this nation. They cried out to God so that God would bless this country with security and give peacefulness upon this nation approaching the presidential campaign. Praying to God that God would give a leader that was from God in the presidential election in 2019. Praying also for the restoration of church, so that churches would become blessing for this country. After praying for this nation, they worshiped God by singing a song “Berkatilah Tuhan”, every one of them held hands of one another as a sign of a united church and stood up for this nation.

A short clip of a healing testimony of Mr.Eko Manaku from Jayapura, Paua who was healed from broken bones at KPPI Jakarta. Before the preaching of the Word of God, the congregations were asked to stand up and worship God, led by Rev.Teddy Menas (PFC). The people came before God wholeheartedly because Jesus was about to manifest His love and glory that night. There were people who shed their tears for they felt the presence of God filling their hearts.

Word of God was delivered by Rev. Evan Riduan Sinaga (PFC) from Luke 7: 11-17. The Word of God was about Jesus who met with the woman whose son had died. Jesus was full of compassion toward this woman because that son was her only child. “There were many times in our lives that we felt that every problem we faced had no solutions. We often think that God does not love us. Whatever our struggle is, God is here tonight. Jesus who has resurrected young man in Nain is the God who listens to our cry. God loves us all, all you need to do is just come to Him. He cares for every sickness that we suffer. God loves us all, believe that His love stays the same. Jesus is the way out of every problem that we face,” added the servant of God. Those who joined the service through live stream were also asked to come to God.

As the music was played, the congregations were asked to bow their heads and the servant of God read the Word of God. Then, the servant of God asked those who wanted to believe in Jesus to lift up their hands and stood up. Praise the Lord, there were many who received Jesus as their God and savior in their hearts. The heaven rejoice and because great salvation was poured out to the lost souls.

Rev. Petrus Gunawan (GSJA Grawisa, West Jakarta) delivered the Word of God from Matthew 8: 5-13, about a centurion’s servant in Capernaum who was healed by Jesus. Rev. Petrus said that we have to have faith in Jesus, just like this centurion. He could meet Jesus Christ because of his faith. We need faith and also have faith to Jesus’ Word which means believing in His Words and we will experience miracles and the power of God.

The servant of God called all counselors to come forward to pray for those who were sick. The congregations who were sick and represented their family were asked to come forward to the altar. The servant of God also encouraged those who watched the service through live stream to believe in God.

Healing prayer was conducted by:

1. Rev. Jowel Elia Zakaria (GSJA Cendrawasih, West Jakarta)
2. Ms Angeline Caroline (Jangkar Iman)
3. Rev. Yudi Sinambela (PFC)

After the servants of God lifting up their prayers, it was then continued with the counselors praying for the sick. The power of God was manifested through the counselors who prayed for them. Those who have been healed gave their testimony and the interviewers were:

1. Mr. Leo Gurning (Jangkar Iman)
2. Rev. Royke Rondonuwu (GKKH, Central Jakarta)
3. Rev. Herwin Nugroho (PFC)

Hallelujah! His miracles were manifested to those who believed in Jesus.
The list of people who got healed that night was as follows:

  •  A father who had back pain was healed by God.
  •  A mother from Alor whose legs were cramp. After being prayed, she could walk freely and there was no more pain.
  •  A mother who had back pain was healed and her back could be moved without any pain.
  • A mother who suffered from gout and could not squat, however she put her faith in God and she could squat now.
  • A father who suffered from stroke and had difficulty to walk. After being prayed, he could walk freely. God healed him.
  • A young man who had lump for 9 years. This caused him hard to run, however that night, his lump was gone and he could run.
  • A mother who suffered from diabetes and heart problem for 8 years was healed by God.
  • A mother whose body was often ached and found it hard to squat. She had faith and could squat without any pain.
  • A grandmother who had liming for 20 years and used walking stick. She had faith and God healed her and she could walk without using walking stick.
  • A woman who had big lump in her neck and after being prayed, her lump was gone,
  • A mother with acute gastric ulcer. If she stood up too long, it felt painful, however during the service, she stood up and she felt no pain.

The people who joined the service through live stream were also healed. The list is as follows:

  • A mother from Bali had stomachache and cramp for 4 years was healed by God
  • A mother from Makassar who had fever was healed by God.
  • A mother from Tangerang who had headache and epigastrium for almost a year was healed by God

The challenge of servant of God was given by Rev. Arie Assa (GKIN Kelapa Gading), he asked the people to respond to God’s calling. Those who responded to God’s calling were invited to come to the altar to be prayed. Those who were on the second floor were asked to go down.They lifted up their hands, took a decision to serve God. Praise God, there were 48 people who surrendered their lives to be used by God as His tool.

Ev. Paul Budianto (Paroki St.Lukas) gave an announcement. He also conveyed his thankfulness to those who were present that night, from government institution, private institution, and churches from various denominations in Jabodetabek.

Before closing the event, a short clip of Intercession for the Nation  was shown. A representative of BPUPK of ministry of social affairs conveyed their thankfulness for the successfulness of this event to unite the churches in this interdenominational ministry.

The servants of God came on stage together singing praises to God who has done miraculous works. Then, Rev. Hisar Manurung (HKBP Cikini) closed the service by inviting congregations to pray together.

Jesus Christ indeed had visited His beloved people and Indonesia which is always in His heart. The flame of prayer burns Indonesia. Hallelujah!

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