Miracle Night Serpong

September 3, 2018
September 3, 2018 Explorer

Hallelujah! Give thanks to God for He is good! Today was the day that the Lord had made for the salvation of souls from MarketPlace segment at Miracle Night Event that was held at Balai Serpong, WTC Serpong on Tuesday, August 21, 2018.

The event was started at 18.30, but the disciples and servants of God came earlier to prepare the event. At 18.00, the souls started filling in the seats. While waiting for the other souls to come, the music of praise was played and filled up the room.

At 18.50, the event was started. The opening prayer was conducted by worship leader, Rev.Meggio Tarigan and Icha. The worship leader asked everyone to praise God with the songs Bersyukurlah kepada Tuhan Sebab Dia Baik and Masuk GerbangNya Bersyukur. The song Kasih Allah Tak Berkesudahan was lifted up, the souls were joyful praising God.

A film of Kasih Bapa (Father’s Love) which displayed about the preciousness of human’s live was shown. After the film was shown, worship leader asked every person to stand up and worship God by singing the song BersamaMu Bapa. A Film of Pray for Cities was shown and there was a testimony from Dr.Anita Mamuaya who was healed from uterine fibroids was shown. The song Belum Pernah Ada Kasih di Dunia was lifted up to welcome the Word of God that was preached by Rev.Rudi Ang.

Miracle Night SerpongThe Word of God was taken from Luke 5:1-11 which was about the fishermen who became the fishers of men. Jesus knew what happened to His disciples on that day. There was no fish to be brought home. They had put their best effort and time, but it was in vain. Peter relied on his own strength.

However, God came to Peter and asked him to cast his net into the deep sea. Behold, when God came and spoke and we listened to Him and did His Word, miracle would happen. God gave lots of fish as a proof that only God’s hands that could save and bless them.

Rev. Rudi Ang asked the people who came and those who watched the event that night through Live Stream to believe and seek God’s face. There were many souls who put their trust in God. Praise God, they received God’s salvation that night.

Miracle Night SerpongRev.Michael Judah Sumbayak continued preaching the Word of God from Luke 18:35-43 ”Jesus healed a blind near Jericho” The blind man showed his faith to Jesus. He was not ashamed to cry out to Jesus. God was good. He listened to that blind man and healed him. After the Word of God was preached, the song Kuyakin Saat Kau berfirman was lifted up. Rev. Michael Judah Sumbayak asked those who were sick to come forward to be prayed.

Praise the Lord, there were a lot of people who were healed from many kinds of sicknesses, just as follows:
• Healed from headache and vomiting
• Healed from waist problem for 1 year
• Healed from stomachache which felt like being stabbed
• Healed from the lymph nodes in the neck for 5 years.
• Healed from gastric ulcer for 1 month
• Healed from gastric ulcer for 3 years

All the people were joyful for the healing miracles that were manifested that night. Great is the name of the Lord! Hallelujah!

Rev. Zefanya Jodie Sumbayak then continued preaching the Word of God from 1 Peter 2:9. She said that living our live as servants of God is better because we have God’s guidance upon our lives. “God will take care of our lives and our families until the eternity as long as we surrender our lives to God,” added Rev.Zefanya.

The song Hidup ini adalah Kesempatan was sung and as this song was being lifted up, the people came forward to surrender their lives to God and be used as the servants of God. Praise God, there were many new disciples who were born and ready to be discipled and serve God.

What a beautiful sight it was to see a man surrendered his life to God to be His servant. He was no longer bound and chained by this world, but he has been set free! Hallelujah!! God indeed had visited every soul who came with His goodness and Word.

The lost souls were saved, the sick were healed and those who were saved were called to be His servants. The committee of Miracle Night Tanggerang, Agi Hia delivered a short speech and a short film of Doa Bago Bangsa was shown.

Praise God for this day, the servants of God and disciples were used by God to do mighty things with God. This is the detail of the present souls:
Total : 146 souls
New born : 44 souls
Servant of God : 27
Sick People : 9
Stage testimony : 6

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