Miracle Night in Duri, Sumatera

July 3, 2017

It was the day of the Lord that He poured out His mercies and love for His beloved children in the Miracle Night Event, that was held in Duri, July 3, 2017. Many company workers had come to receive God’s grace of salvation in this event.

The worship leader, Ms. Romsah, led all the congregations to worship and praise the Lord for all His great works with joyful and full heartedly.

An opening speech was given by Rev. Jeffry Samuel and continued by Nove as the coordinator of the event.

Then a short film about the sacrifice of Lord Jesus was aired. Everyone watched the terrible pain that Jesus suffered for them. Some got touched and cried. Everyone was led to cry out and believe in God.

The servant of God, Rev. Rudy Ang, shared the Word of God from Proverbs 3:5-7. It was shared that we should trust God with all our hearts every day. Often times we could put our hope on Him but afterwards forgot Him. That is why come to Him every day. Put our trust in Him. Ask Him to take part in all aspects of our life. Following the Lord is not easy. But God promised to help us during all troubles and struggles. Have fear in God. God is real.

A call to receive Jesus as their God and Saviour was given. Almost everyone responded and prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their personal God and Saviour.

The word of God was continued by Rev. Rulofiine Handayani, taken from Mark 4:35-41. It was shared that often times we faced so many problems in our lives but let us believe in Jesus. He is able to give a help in our life. When there is a problem because of having fear for tomorrows, for our financial, then we have to believe and act our faith, because God lives in us. Is there anything difficult for God? Is there anything impossible for God? Nothing is difficult and impossible for God.

Have faith in Jesus that He is able to do every good thing in your life. God will work and make a miracle in our life because Jesus loves us as His own children.

Mark 5:21-24, 35-43 Jairus, the leader of local synagog, had a dying daughter, and asked Jesus to come to his house.
Jesus never refused anyone who comes and crying out, calling upon His name in prayer. When Jesus laid His hands on his daughter, the girl didn’t die. How hard have we called and cried unto God? Get close to the Lord, don’t be afraid, just believe that you will see the answer in Jesus. There is a way out that will give you a miracle in your life.

All the sick people were called to come forward to be prayed. A healing prayer was led for all of them. God worked miraculously. God healed a person with a very painful headache and all the pain had gone.

Then a call to them who had the desire to serve the Lord was given. Some of them moved forward and were prayed. How they were loved and touched by God.

It was a blessed night. God has visited around 150 of professionals and company workers in Duri. Hallelujah.