Miracle Night at Matapel Hall, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta

July 27, 2018
July 27, 2018 Explorer

Karjanto MN MatapelOn sunny Friday, July 27th, 2018 Miracle Night was conducted at Matapel Hall which is located in Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta. Mr. Karjanto from Miracle Night Committee opened the service at 6.30 PM by giving the opening speech. Then it was continued by Miracle Night Team Choir singing a song “Every Praise”. While that song was being sung, worship leaders Mr. Biccar Panjaitan and Mrs. Dhika Ashadi went up to the stage leading the praises. The present souls were praising the Lord joyfully, seen from their faces.

Afterwards, airing a film concerning Jesus’ love who died for our sins. Furthermore, the souls were brought to worship God, they felt the presence of the Lord. After that, aired the film of healing testimony from Dr. Anita Mamuaya who was healed from myoma at Pray for Minahasa in 2014.  Finished airing the film, the souls were brought along to worship God before hearing the Word.

Michael MN MatapelGod’s Word was delivered by Rev. Michael Judah Sumbayak taken from Romans 3:23, John 3:16, and John 1:12-13. God’s servant said we have been sinful since we were born. As humans, we often choose evils. God made us in His image, it is a great privilege. Mankind fall into sins and they are part of humans’ lives. Praise God as God loves us, eventhough, we have already fallen into sins. God has chosen to forgive us, to make us new. God chooses to come and love us.

God is very concerned to human beings, all of us. As for God there is nothing more valuable than men whom He created. God came down to earth, became a man. He died for us, God who created this universe, He chose to humble Himself, so that we are saved.

God calls and draws us to be His children. We have a place in heaven, that is an amazing place there. God has created the heaven which full of joy. He is a kind-hearted God. The heaven is prepared for us. God chooses to love us as His children.

Subsequently, the servant of God invited the souls to worship the Lord and they were requested to raise their hands to receive Jesus as the Lord and Savior in their hearts. Praise the Lord the souls whose hands were being raised, they were saved.

Daniel MN MatapelThe Word of healing delivered by Rev. Daniel Judah Sumbayak, taken from Matthew 8:1-3. About a leper, God wanted to cure that sick person, so He did. God’s servant told that there is no requirement to gain the healing, only come to Jesus. There are many sicknesses in this world, but in Jesus we are able to get the healing.

If we believe in Jesus, we are healed. If we are sick now, we just only come to God. Only Jesus who promises each pain will be borne by Him. Do not rely on our mind if we are sick, or when we face the problems, remember always to Jesus. He always helps us.  Then the sick souls, they who representing their sick families, and those who had problems came forward to be prayed by God’s servants and counselors.

There were 5 people who came forward to be prayed for. Those who were healed, then checked by a doctor from Jangkar Iman Team. A woman who had 10-year headache that evening God cured. God again healed a woman whose right-leg hurted and it can be moved now. Gastric pain that suffered by a woman also cured by Jesus and her stomach is not painful anymore.

The servant of God continued delivering the Word of God from Matthew 28:18-20. God asks us to go preaching the Gospel to make whole nations become God’s disciples. This command is for us, God teaches us to go preaching the Good News. We as believers, this is what we must all do. We are still workers, but we can testify the goodness of God. If we are known as a kind person, so others will see Jesus in us. There are so many people whose lives are going to hell. Who must tell Jesus to them? You do.

In Jeremiah 1:5 says for every believer, God has chosen to be His servant. So many people do not know the salvation in Jesus. The time is running out, we are the chosen people and God wants to use us as His instruments. Later on, God’s servant invited those who wanted to serve the Lord, to raise their hands and come forward. Finally, Rev. Michael Judah Sumbayak closed the event by praying.

How amazing God’s visit to employees!

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