Miracle Hour, Monday 17 August 2020

August 17, 2020
August 17, 2020 Handi Fu

I AM LIBERATED – Aku dimerdekakan

‘For freedom, Christ has set us free’ (Galatians 5:1).  In the midst of the troubles of this world, human always long for some sort of liberty.  Today’s Miracle Hour brings us to the understanding what is exactly a true freedom and how God is the only source of the freedom itself, brought by Suryati Gunawan (IPMI Industry).

Miracle Hour 17Agustus 2020“Our work apart from God, would be in vain”

The scripture for today is taken from Psalms 127:1-2. These passages underline how human effort accomplishes nothing for God in fact is the true provider even in the time when we do not seems to do much.

As today is also the celebration of Indonesia’s 75th Independence Day, we enjoy having the freedom to practice our faith and our own activities, in the same manner, we also long for our own freedom.

As somebody in the marketplace, such as an employee, professional or business owner, we set certain goals for a greater success, which merely a freedom as well. It is common that people seek certain success for a better life that presumably would bring happiness. Nevertheless, until we can come to the understanding that God is the only source of true contentment, we will not be satisfied.

“This is the time to bring God in”  

We often struggle pursuing wealth, position, business goals or comfort in order to be content which often what most people after.  Likewise, we do all these in our own strength and find dead end, therefore many times frustration and even depression is the outcome due to the absence of solution.

Our dead end is the perfect time to come to God.  This is the moment to have God as our ultimate deliverer.  Maybe all these years we have been entrusting our life to our own hands, this is the time we allow God to come to our life and deliver us.  It is God’s will that we live in His true freedom by walking with Him all the days of our life.

Sister Suryati Gunawan was closing today’s message with a prayer for those who want to give their life to Jesus and also praying for our nation of Indonesia, in gratitude of all that God has done for our nation and for His presence amongst us, and may the fear of the Lord is in this country and within us as the citizens of this wonderful nation. We truly praise Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.


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