Miracle Day, Friday 18 September 2020

September 18, 2020
September 18, 2020 Handi Fu

New Strength in the Lord – Kekuatan baru dalam Tuhan

During stormy rain, whilst all other birds find shelter, eagles fly above the clouds. In facing all life circumstances, it requires strength not to avoid them, but to overcome them.  Such sturdiness can never be found from ourselves as God says apart from Him we can do none.

Today’s  Miracle Day talks about how we find new strength in the Lord, brought by by God’s servants in the Marketplace from various industries and professions, including : Petrus Bayu (Insurance Industry), Santi Nurlinda (Property Industry), Jery Larumpaa (Transportation Industry), Kartini (Entrepreneur), Noviana (Entrepreneur).

Miracle Day 18 September 2020

God is bigger than our problems

Petrus Bayu delivered the Word of God from Isaiah 40:31 which reads: But those who are waiting for the Lord get new strength: they are like eagles that soar up and fly with the power of their wings; they run and do not become lethargic, they walk and do not tire.

During hardships especially in current pandemic times, so many downturns occurring in all aspects of life, from company layoffs, many business at the verge of closing down and tremendous affects in our personal life that happened all at once. The great news is we have an ultimate solution and that is God Himself.  He is the answer to our problems as nothing is bigger than Him including our problems in life.

However oftentimes we presume the other way around whereas problems are the only things that occupied our mind and disregarding how great our God and how much He care for us. We need to wait on God because He had promised that we will find new strength to conquer our difficulties, just like the eagle fly above the storms.  It is His will to take us from victory to victory, from glory to glory.

Santi Nurlinda continues by leading the congregation with a prayer of salvation, to be reborn in Christ. His love for us is indisputable for He had willing to die on the cross, taking our position in order for us to receive everlasting life (John 3:16). An invitation was also given to those who want to respond to the calling of God to be His witness.

Jesus recognizes faith

Jery ​​Larumpaa continues the Word of God from Mark 2: 1-5, concerning the lame man who was healed. A man who was paralyzed hoped to be able to walk again. He was being carried to Jesus by removing the roof of the house due to the large crowd surrounding Jesus. Recognizing faith, Jesus healed him miraculously.

When we are struggling with sickness, it is the time to come to God. He knows our needs and able to heal us. Likewise, if we have faith, we should not be afraid in trusting Him because it is His will to heal us.

Sister Kartini proceeds the service by praying for sick, bringing to mind for the congregation that by the wounds of Jesus, we are healed as written in Isaiah 53:5. As this live stream was occurring, we are receiving prayer requests through our call center and many come to Jesus Christ and receive healing.

As believers of Christ we ought to pray without ceasing, especially in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic that is still occurring. The service continued with prayer of intercession lead by Santi Nurlinda and Kartini, for the well being of Indonesia, for the government, economic stability and the health for all the citizens, particularly the infected.

Concluding the service, the congregation was encouraged to be a blessing for their local Christian office fellowship and to comply with government regulation in effort to put an end for this pandemic, and as well a closing prayer brought by Noviana. We bring all praise and glory to Jesus Christ who had saved and healed many lives today. Amen.


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