Easter Crusade at Puri Kembangan Office, Cengkareng, Jakarta

April 26, 2018
April 26, 2018 Explorer

Praise God with God’s goodness the event that involving several Christian prayer office fellowships in Puri Kembangan area, finally has taken place.  It started with praise and worship led by Ms. Eudia Kristin, whereas people of God with one heart worshiped Christ the King.  The film, “God is Calling You” was aired to introduce Jangkar Iman ministry.

The Word of God was delivered by Ms. Muliani from 1 Corinthians 15: 1-4.
Through the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, we are saved, the Lord Jesus has paid all our sins. There is a great God’s plan for us that God would die for us. If our plan is only on this earth then we only live in destruction, we will become tired. God’s plan is very great in our lives that is the life in eternity. All those who were present, decided to receive Jesus as their one and only Savior. Praise the Lord they felt God’s favor. That evening 18 people were saved.

God’s Word continued to be delivered, about God’s calling. Taken from Jeremiah 1: 5-6.
Before we came to this earth God has already known us. We can not be silent but we must be the one who preaches the Word of God. There is a plan of God for each of us. God wants to use our lives.

Praise God when there was an altar call, 7 people raised their hands and surrendered their lives to serve the Lord. What an extraordinary God’s visit! They came from different companies but God united to be in God’s plan.

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