Miracle Day 5 May 2021

May 5, 2021
May 5, 2021 Handi Fu

Joy from God is My Strength

Today’s Miracle Day is presented by God’s servants in the Marketplace from various industries and professions, including: Ester Noviati (Works at Law Firm Company), Lenny Elfrida (Entrepreneur), David Simanjuntak (Works at internet Service Provider industry), Shakuntala Margaretha ( Entrepreneur), Tio Fernandes (Works in Chemical Industry).

The gifts the world gives are temporary, but God gives you eternal joy

Esther Noviati delivers the Word of God from Philippians 4: 4 saying Rejoice always in God! Once again I say: Rejoice!

So important is joy in life for believers. God wants us to always rejoice, because this is God’s will. We often rejoice when we are in good condition, but in the midst of this pandemic, conditions are not what we expected. So many problems that arise, often make us despair and heavy burdened. Is joy still there?

Our God is a good God, He longs to bless us, He desires to give us His joy. He does not give anything ordinary or imitation, but what God gives is eternal joy, joy that does not depend on the situation or conditions we are facing.
2000 years ago God came to the face of this earth, and the Lord Jesus wanted to give you one freedom, true deliverance.

God wants us to enjoy a life of victory and joy, even joy is eternal. He has even prepared a home for us to be with God in heaven.

The Lord Jesus was faithful until he died on the cross. He still loves us even though we have many customers.
Our hands sinned, but His hands were nailed to the cross. His head was crowned with thorns because of all the sins of our unfaithful minds, who wanted to follow his own paths, he was flogged, suffered and died. But on the third day He rose, the greatest enemy of mankind He defeated. Jesus has defeated death. He gives us victory.

It is said in the Word of God in Romans 12:12, If right now we are in a struggle or a tough condition, don’t lose heart, don’t lose our joy. But still be joyful, keep hoping, keep praying. Cry out to God, because He is not a distant God, He is only a prayer away. When we cry out to Him, God will immediately help us. He is able to help with all the struggles we face today.

Only in God do we find joy. because outside of God we will not get anything, will not find a way out. It is time to return to God, He is waiting for us, He does not change, He is a God who loves us very much.

Lenny Elfida said that our joy only comes from God and not from anything else. The Word of God from John 3:16 which says: Because God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish, but may have eternal life. Delivered to believe in God and open your heart to accept the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior then continue praying to offer life to God.

Faith that brings one strength to receive God’s promise

David Simanjuntak continues God’s Word from Matthew 9: 35-38 concerning: Jesus’ compassion for the people.
Today there is good news. The Lord Jesus loves us. In the Lord Jesus there is nothing that cannot be done. Never be afraid, we have Jesus who can help, and Jesus’ stripes can heal. A single hair will not fall without God’s permission, let alone all our struggles.

Nothing is difficult, the Lord Jesus is the same then, now and forever.Have faith that steps, not just faith to hear, not just hear to believe. Faith contains the power to step in and believe that you will get this miracle. Come to God, Call on God.

Jesus is a person who cares, and understands all our burdens.The Word of God in Matthew 28: 1, Come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden, I will give you relief. Only in the Lord Jesus do we get rest, only in the Lord Jesus do we get deliverance, only in the Lord Jesus do we get healing.Today Jesus is in front of us, He who died is before us, call out and believe for the Lord Jesus.

Tio Fernandes said that when we believe in the Lord Jesus, nothing is impossible, Jesus will do miracles for us. The Word of God from Isaiah 53: 5b says: “The reward which brings salvation to us is inflicted on him, and by his stripes we are made well.” While this live broadcast was taking place, we received several prayer requests to our Contact Center and many came to the Lord Jesus and experienced healing.

Before the service was finished, Margaretha conveyed by inviting to pray together for the State and State Government Apparatus, Security, and the nation’s economy amid the current pandemic conditions, the prayer was led by Lenny Elfrida and Tio Fernandes.

The service was closed by inviting all colleagues to be a blessing for the Guild Office wherever they are and comply with government regulations in an effort to break the chain of this pandemic, as well as a closing prayer. All Praise and Glory go to Jesus Christ, who has seen many lives for each of us. Amen.


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