Miracle Day 19 May 2021

May 19, 2021
May 19, 2021 Handi Fu

God the source of my joy

Today’s Miracle Day was brought by God’s servants in the Marketplace from various industries and professions, including: Berlinana Simanjuntak (Journalist), Okana (Works at West Kutai Regent Office), Pordinan Siagian (Works at Pemda DKI), Sarah Trisna Kinanti (Works at Beauty Therapy Company), Taurina Octaviyanti (Works at Industrial Equipment Distributor).

Each of us is a precious person, special to God. we often do not realize that we are truly valuable people to God. In the midst of the current conditions there are many obstacles and difficulties, but God loves us very much.
Each of us is trying to achieve happiness in our lives, but the source of our happiness is only in God. Berliana Simanjuntak conveys God’s Word from Psalm 37:4 “and rejoice in the LORD; and he will give you what your heart desires”.

We all want happiness in our lives, but what is the way? The way is only in the Lord Jesus. There is no other way to achieve perfect happiness, because perfect happiness is only with God, without God we cannot do anything, because God is the source of our life.

The Lord Jesus is God, who 2000 years ago came to this world, took away all our sins and all our weaknesses, He did it because of His great love for each of us. He paid it off. We who believe in Him are saved and we have eternal life. We no longer have the debt of our sins, because the Lord Jesus has paid off all the debts of our sins.

We cannot save our own lives, not even our closest or loved ones can save us, only the Lord Jesus. God wants us to have life together with God every day, God wants us to feel how beautiful our life journey with God is. It says in Isaiah 48:18, God wants us to feel a happiness, a perfect joy for us to live as God’s children.

Every problem is in our lives, in our work, business, and family, so we get a very big strength, we get assurance, hope only in the Lord Jesus. He is the only source of our life. Come to Jesus, He is the Father who wants to comfort us, accompany every journey of our life. He is a God who lives with us 24 hours a day, in the midst of our work, in our household, in our business, He wants to lead our lives, lead us on His perfect ways until we return to God’s house. Let’s open our hearts, to accept Jesus, He is Lord, Savior forever in our lives.

Okana conveyed the Word of God from John 3:16: For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. It is said to believe in God and open your heart to accept the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior then continue to pray to offer your life for God.

God can restore

Pordinan Siagian continues the Word of God from John 5:1-9 regarding: Healing on the Sabbath at the pool of Bethesda. Where there is a 38 year old sick person, it is not a short time. this sick man was still waiting and hoping at the pool of Bethesda. The Lord Jesus himself really loves this sick person, as well he does for us. So give our hearts to God, believe and have faith, because only in the Lord Jesus there is healing.

When the sick man said to God, “Lord, there was no one to lower me into the pool when the water started shaking, and while I was going to the pool, someone else had gone down before me.”, maybe we have also experienced this. Whereas, we have gone to the best place as far as we understand, have done our best, our minds are full of our problems. But let’s not use our own minds, but come to God and surrender to God, the Lord Jesus is able to restore. Then Jesus said, “Get up, pick up your mat and walk.” The Lord Jesus is able to perform miracles, right now God is able because the Lord Jesus remains the same before, now and forever.

Sarah Trisna Kinanti proceed with the Word of God from 1 Peter 2:24 that says, “He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that we who died to sin might live to righteousness. By his stripes you have been healed.” . During this live broadcast, we received several prayer requests to our Contact Center and many came to the Lord Jesus and experienced healing.

Before the service was over, Taurina Octaviyanti encourage the congregation to pray together for the nation and state, and the nation’s economy in the midst of the current pandemic conditions and Indonesia’s natural products, medical personnel, the nation’s professional staff, the prayer was led by Okana and Sarah Trisna Kinanti.

The service was closed by inviting all colleagues to be a blessing to the Office Fellowship wherever they were and obeying government regulations in an effort to break the chain of this pandemic, as well as a closing prayer. All Praise and Glory only to Jesus Christ who has visited many lives of each of us. Amen.


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