Independence Day Seminar – Summarecon Bekasi

August 16, 2019
August 16, 2019 Handi Fu

The preparation of this seminar was about a month. It was started by praying for the revival to be happened in Market Place segment. Jangkar Iman team prayed around Summarecon Bekasi, visited Summarecon shophouses, and visited people, door to door, inviting them to this event. Praise the Lord, there were many people who worked in these shophouses who were welcome when they were being invited to come to this event.

Seminar Kemerdekaan Summarecon BekasiOn the day of the event, that started at 12.00 AM, it only started by 5 attendees. Yet as the time rolled by, more and more people come. They were coming from the christian marketplace fellowship around that area such as Persekutuan Doa Security Summarecon Wilayah Kelapa Gading, Serpong dan Bekasi), SMB (Summarecon Mall Bekasi), dan other employees who worked in Summarecon Bekasi. 30 people came and more than half of them receive Christ as their savior.

The people were very enthusiastic during the seminar and listened carefully to the speaker, Rev. Michael Judah. Praise the Lord, during the servant of God challenge, everybody stood up. For the follow up event, they would only be invited to the service next week because there was no place available.

Seminar Kemerdekaan Summarecon BekasiAfter the seminar, Jangkar Iman team talked to Mr Adi, the chairman of SMB Prayer Group. Mr Andi asked Rev. Michael’s phone number and Ms Septa. They also planned to invite Jangkar Iman team to become the speaker in their prayer group and they would arrange the time. The Pedos Prayer Group also would arrange time to invite Jangkar Iman team to become the speaker in their prayer groups, both in Kelapa Gading and Serpong. Jangkar Iman team also had talked to SMB to invite Jangkar Iman team as the speaker in their prayer group next month.

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