How To Serve As A Professional In The MarketPlace

January 26, 2018
January 26, 2018 Widjaja

The guests have started arriving at 6.15 PM. From the surrounding offices, both the Prayer Fellowship attendants and the invitees have started to arrive and fill the available benches. At 7.00 PM the worship leader Rev. Maruli Sinambela began to lead the praise “Kita Bertemu Lagi Tuk Puji Tuhan”. All those who were present rejoicing to praise the Lord. Then the praise leader took each of the training participant that night to worship God, prepared the hearts in the Seminar session.

Marketplace Seminar

Rev. Judah Pakasi who was the moderator that night, opened the first session by introducing Rev. Daniel Sumbayak’s profile. Rev. Daniel Sumbayak delivered the Word from Job 28: 28. It is said that “The human mind is very limited. God longs to give us wisdom, for the beginning of all wisdom is the fear of God. As a professional with our clever minds, we can make plans so well, but Jesus is still the omniscient. We often organize our own lives, now let God lead our lives and walk in the wisdom of God, live in the Word of God.” Rev. Daniel Sumbayak invited all those who were present to have a God-fearing heart, so that we may have God’s wisdom.

Rev. Judah Pakasi again invited all participants to enter the second session, and introduced the profile of Pastor Michael W. Burgess. In this session , Pastor Mike brought about being a witness of Christ “Meet me & meet my Jesus”. John the Baptist is a good example of a ministry and he had many disciples. His work introduced Jesus to many people. Jesus seeks the church to live in the hearts of the church, but many people just look for Jesus when they have problems, after that God is abandoned.

Jesus has to be bigger and I have to be smaller. We must be witnesses of Christ where we work. When they see us, they know that we are different because Jesus is in us, therefore they want to know who Jesus is who lives in us.  Then Rev. Judah Pakasi asked to sing a song “Dia Harus Semakin Bertambah, Ku Harus S’makin Berkurang”.

Marketplace Seminar

Entering the third session Rev. Judah Pakasi gave the profile of Rev. Jacob Sumbayak. In the last session, Rev. Jacob Sumbayak delivered what to do after hearing the wisdom and also John the Baptist. After going out from this place we will do what God wants. If we are known as Christians then we must change and repent. So even we work, we can be used by God as long as we want to make Jesus number one in our lives.

Later continued with Q & A session, each of the training participant was given a paper to write questions and discussed by 3 speakers. Finally the Market Place Seminar was closed with joy and all of them were blessed. Praise the Lord!

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