JANGKAR IMAN (Jaringan Pelayanan Karyawan, Aparatur, Profesional, Eksekutif, Pebisnis Seiman) – Networking Ministry of Christian Employees, Civil Servant, Professionals, Executives and Businessman

is an organization established by GPPI Pondok Daud that ministers to the professionals, executives, also both private and civil service employees. This is an interdenominational ministry where many professionals, executives, and employees can join to be used by God involving in many kinds of ministry.

The bustling of business and works have consumed mostly the time and energy of many businessman and employees that caused spiritual dryness. As we know that man’s essential need is to be filled with spiritual things. That is why this organization founded to become a place where businessman, professionals, and employees can serve the Lord.

“Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.”(Isaiah 60:1)



The vision of “Market Place Ministry” is reaching out to the people among the private and civil service employees, businessmen, and executives. Based on this vision that the organization of “Jangkar Iman” was founded in 2005. This ministry has ministered to many offices of private and government companies in many cities in Indonesia.



In the last few years, there has been a stronger spiritual movement among the employees and professionals. A few number of employees gathered in one committee to conduct crusades, such as“ Miracle Night” event. The first crusade was held in March 2017 and continued with many crusades in many cities in Indonesia. Hundreds of employees and professionals had attended these events. God touched them and showed His signs and wonders, such as miraculous healing that happened to the sick who was prayed in the event.

The ministers in these events were the employees that were already trained by our team. Laypersons from offices of private and government companies are now arising to serve the Lord with the power of the Holy Spirit. They also become a strong mover in their own churches. They also regularly ministered in the hospitals where they visited and prayed for the Christian patients there.



  • Healing Crusades (Miracle Night Event)
  • Healing Ministry Course (HMC)
  • Film Ministry
  • Conducting Seminar : Key to Success, God’s Money Management, God’s Bigger Plan for You, Miracle of Self Identity
  • Hospital Ministry


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EMAIL:  jaringankaryawankristiani@gmail.com